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Orthodontics is More Than Pretty Teeth

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Many patients seek an orthodontist for themselves or their family because of the unpleasing aesthetic of crooked teeth.  Straight teeth help improve one’s image to others and also improve self-esteem.  Certainly, how teeth look is extremely important.  For many people, beautifully straight teeth might change the outcome of a dating relationship, job interview, college interview, etc.  Beautiful teeth really do have the power to change lives.However, many potential patients do not realize that beautiful teeth, alone, are not the only value they are receiving in their orthodontic treatment. In fact, improving how teeth fit together is a vital aspect of orthodontic care.  When teeth fit together well, it is easier to maintain tooth and gum health, hence, improving overall health.  There have been many scientific studies to show that better oral health leads to better overall health.Ideally, teeth should fit together like a machine gear.  This is called class I occlusion and it is the goal of most every orthodontic case.  Orthodontists would like to create a “parking space” for every tooth between two teeth (or cusps) on the opposing arch.  When these relationships are correct, teeth not only function better, but the good occlusion creates a more stable result, thus protecting the orthodontic investment.classification-of-occlusion-and-malocclusion-dr-nabil-alzubair-7-638To help teeth fit together in class I occlusion, orthodontists also focus on creating a beautiful round arch to the teeth on top and bottom. The arch should somewhat resemble the St. Louis Arch, as you can see above.Overall, it is important to understand that the resulting function and stability of the orthodontic outcome, byway of braces or Invisalign, is as important as the aesthetic result.  When choosing an orthodontist, make sure that you are well informed about the occlusion, not just “crowding” or “spacing”.