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How To Get Faster Orthodontic Results

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Orthodontists and Dentists agree that every child age seven or older should be under the care of an orthodontist.  The good news is that most children do not need any orthodontic treatment as early as seven.  In fact, for most patients, it is not until pre-teen years that we look to start braces or Invisalign Teen.However, it is important that young patients are under an orthodontist’s care because it will allow the orthodontist to start treatment at the optimum time.  Starting treatment at the perfect time will reduce the total treatment time and will ensure a more stable final result.Good news #2 – At our practice, there is no cost to the patient (or insurance company) for these “growth and development” observation appointments.  We offer these appointments as a courtesy to you and your family.If you have a child that needs to be seen for growth and development observation, please email or call our team and we will be happy to find something that works with your schedule.