How Much do Braces or Invisalign Cost?

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At your initial appointment, our doctors and treatment coordinators will help answer several important questions.1) Is treatment needed?2) If so, when is the best time to start?3) What is the best treatment option (metal braces, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, Wild Smiles, clear braces, etc.)4) How long will the orthodontic work take?5) How much does it cost?For many people, the last question is one of the most important.  Comprehensive treatments can range from $2000-$6500 depending on the length and severity of the case.  Patients' monthly investments range between $100-$300, in most cases.  This amount depends on any optional down payment, insurance, and length of treatment time.  At Hansen Orthodontic Specialists we seek to make the investment as easy as possible.  By offering 0% interest financing, immediate family discounts, and no down payment plans, patients can almost always find an avenue to afford a life-long beautiful smile.  All of the treatment financing is flexible and our treatment coordinators will design a custom plan for you.  We will even take a majority of insurance plans and will be happy to verify your insurance before youWe truly believe that a beautiful smile has the power to radically impact every person's life and want to help people achieve that smile as easily as possible.